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  • How to get the most out of your Google Play Music subscription

    A few years ago, Google’s Play Music service was a relatively niche service that relied heavily on the services of other companies.Today, Google is more than half the music industry’s revenue and the service is a big part of the overall consumer experience.For example, a large number of streaming services like Spotify, Tidal and Pandora […]

  • How to watch porn on the iPad

    CNN — Apple is finally getting around to rolling out a version of its iTunes app for the iPad.The company is rolling out the new Apple Music app, which replaces the old Apple Music on the iPhone and iPod Touch.Apple’s new Apple TV app will also be rolling out this week.The new Apple Watch app […]

  • How to Play Free Music for Free

    You know the one: You download music and play it for free, then the app automatically puts the songs on the Spotify playlists you want to listen to.But does that actually work?The answer is a resounding yes.A new app called FreeMusic has launched in the Google Play store and is based on the popular Google […]

  • How to be an NFL football player: A look at the ‘Crazy’ rules

    By writers John Clayton, Paul Kuharsky, and Paul Lukasich | 11/21/2018 10:01:54The NFL is making some major changes to its player rules this season, including eliminating some rules that have made players look like “scary” characters in movies and TV.We have all heard about the “nasty, dirty, violent” rules in place for the 2016 […]

  • The best gaming music ever? This year’s Top 10, by genre

    You’re more likely to hear a lot of pop music in 2017 than any other year, but which are your favorite genres?This article will help you answer that question, with the help of our Top 10 Gaming Music Lists for 2017 article We’ve been looking for a way to rank all the different genres, from […]

  • Live Music Spotify Music Notes images

    Spotify has a new set of music notes, which are a little different than the standard music notes image you see in the app.The new notes feature comes in two types: Spotify notes, and Spotify notes that are uploaded to the service by users.Spotify notes are pretty standard in their design, with a circle around […]

  • What’s happening with music app waitresses?

    After its acquisition by Google Music, Waitress Music app has slowly been getting some attention from music industry insiders.We spoke with the team behind Waitress to learn more about the app and its future.The Waitress team has been making waitresses wait for months now, and they are already gearing up to launch Waitress Live.According to […]

  • How to watch all the sad music videos on YouTube

    Music is back and the videos are getting more sad, but you won’t have to look far to find sad music on YouTube.It’s just not as prevalent as you’d think.We’ve rounded up the sadest videos that you can watch on YouTube right now.Here are the 10 most sad YouTube videos on the site.1. The Simpsons Sadest […]

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