Carla Lalli music: ‘The World Is Beautiful’

Carla is not the only artist to come out in support of a gay marriage bill in Germany.And while the music world has taken a knee in protest, the country’s main music industry has been relatively quiet, especially in comparison to the rest of the world.The European Music Council said that “since last year, the […] →Read more

The ‘Wicked’ Musical Is the ‘Worst Movie Ever Made’

The Wicked Musical has gone into hibernation, and that means it has to be a bit of a surprise to discover it is one of the best movies ever made.The Wicked Musical is a horror movie that tells the story of an elderly couple who travel to a rural, wooded area in Maine, only to […] →Read more

How to be a “big” star on YouTube and earn millions of dollars in sponsorship and merch.

I was just talking to a guy who’s got over $1 million in sponsorships and merch in his YouTube channel.He has a lot of video ads in his channel, so I thought he was a little crazy, but he’s a huge YouTube celebrity.He’s been able to do that because he’s been so popular on YouTube.You […] →Read more

Music video: ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ star takes aim at new ‘Beverly Hills’ cast

By now, we’ve all heard about the recent feud between Bravo star Heidi Klum and former Real Housewife Kim Kardashian, and rightfully so.But we didn’t know exactly how that feud went down until now, thanks to a new video from Bravo star Kim Kardashian West.The video is a hilarious glimpse into the behind-the-scenes drama that […] →Read more

Top 20 songs to download for the month of August 2018

Downloaded music, a hot topic in the music industry for the past few months, was once again the top downloaded genre in 2018.According to NPD Group, Apple Music users streamed 2.5 billion songs in the month, beating the previous record of 1.9 billion set in August 2017.Spotify users streamed nearly 1 billion songs, followed by […] →Read more

Pandora free music playlist for the grinches

The grinch’s musical Pandora Free, which will be available to everyone, is one of a series of free songs that will be released by the music service this week.The songs include the popular “Waitress,” “Panda” and “The Grinch.”The original Pandora Music app will be updated to include these new songs as well.If you’re looking to […] →Read more

How to listen to Christmas music without buying a new Christmas tree

Electronic music is becoming more popular in the US as well as in Europe.While the Christmas market may be in full swing, a growing number of people are finding new ways to listen.The Christmas market In New Zealand there is a thriving electronic music scene, with thousands of people turning up for Christmas every year.It’s […] →Read more

How to avoid becoming addicted to YouTube’s deep sleep playlist

I can’t get enough of the deep sleep song “Tales of the Moon” from Google Music.As a music fan, it has inspired me to explore deeper into the depths of the human mind, and have some fun.The video above is just a sampling of my playlist that includes “The Moon Song”, “I Got You Babe”, […] →Read more

When is the next pop-up store in the US?

What are the new pop-ups?There are many new pop up stores in the United States.Here are some of the biggest news items from the last week that you need to know about.The latest pop-Up store: Pop-up stores are popping up everywhere and with the recent news about the imminent arrival of Apple Pay, the internet […] →Read more

Which are the best albums from Christmas 2016?

With the advent of the holidays comes the anticipation for a slew of new music releases.From a traditional Christmas playlist to a selection of new releases from different genres, we’ve put together a list of the best Christmas songs and albums.From the traditional Christmas songbook, to a new year’s list of songs from various genres, […] →Read more