How to dance in a restaurant

How to DJ at a restaurant?Here are the basic rules for a great night out in a trendy venue.article The best restaurants are ones where you can dance with your friends.In a restaurant, you can be in the same room with your buddies or be able to go out for drinks.If you’re going to a […] →Read more

Why the New ‘Rock’ Song of the Year Isn’t the Beatles’ ‘Yesterday’

Newsweek is reporting that the “rock star” song of this year’s music award, “Yesterday,” isn’t the one that was actually written by the Beatles.“It’s a song that I wrote when I was 12 years old,” the singer said on Monday.The Beatles were never recorded as a single song and are often referred to as a […] →Read more

The top 10 best music festivals in the US

The top ten best music festival experiences in the United States are here.You’re about to find the perfect one for your event.If you’re a festival fan who wants to enjoy the best music you can find in the country, you need to take a look at the top 10 festivals in America.Here’s the rundown:As of […] →Read more

How to play the Polygon soundtrack game

“What you get is the ability to create music that you like and share it on your website.You can play it for free or you can pay for it, and then you can share it.”It’s not a very good system, but it’s not the end of the world.It’s just a starting point, and if you […] →Read more

Why the #DeleteUber lawsuit matters

The hashtag #DeleteUnleashed has been used to launch a lawsuit that seeks to force Uber to remove a controversial app that lets people order rides from nearby drivers.Uber is one of several companies that have faced a backlash over its service in recent weeks.A series of tweets from the app’s owners, including Chief Executive Officer […] →Read more

‘Sister Act’: How a song from SpongeBob SquarePants inspired a pop song and a TV sitcom

On Saturday, a popular song from the animated series SpongeBob inspired a TV episode, and a video game, both of which are based on it.The SpongeBob songs have been played in many countries across the world since the 1990s, and the song is now the world’s most-played pop song.The song was inspired by the classic […] →Read more

Microsoft and Sony to launch PSVR games in partnership

Microsoft and the Japanese videogame maker Sony are announcing an agreement that will see the PlayStation VR system and the PlayStation Move controller from the Japanese company, as well as a range of accessories and accessories from the two companies, be released in China.The announcement of the partnership comes after Microsoft unveiled a VR-friendly version […] →Read more

Why Apple Music Is the Best Music Player You Can Buy, Now That Spotify Is Dead

In a recent interview with Billboard, Apple Music CEO Tim Cook revealed the reason for the sudden demise of Spotify.According to Cook, Spotify’s business model didn’t work out and the company was not able to generate the revenue that it hoped to.Cook stated that the company is now looking to “make it easy to get […] →Read more