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  • How to pronounce ‘SpongeBob’

    How to say “Spongebobs” article The SpongeBob song “I Want a SpongeBob” was the first time the word “sponge” appeared in an official song.The original title was “I Like SpongeBob,” but it was changed to “I Wish I Were a Sponge.”When SpongeBob sang the song in the 1970s, his wife, Tina, told him to keep […]

  • “Lullaby for the Luddites”

    Lullaby: “A Luddite’s Tale” (2001) by Peter Greenaway lyrics, composer, music by PeterGreenaway, conductor, video music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, sound design by Tom Vercammen, production music by Robert Hunter, sound mixing by Brian Condon, production design by Richard Turturro, sound mix by Peter Mears, video production by Kevin MacLeod, sound editing by Chris McWilliams, […]

  • How to make a 50s cover song in 10 days

    I had just bought a 50’s album and I wanted to do something with it.So I searched for something with a song title that sounded like a 50 and found it.But there was a catch.A 50s song is a song written in the 70s, and it’s usually the last song on a song list.This wasn’t […]

  • How to create a blank sheet music playlist

    When I started out, my first goal was to create music on a blank piece of paper.This didn’t really work out well.When I moved to New York, I began to learn how to create electronic music through a program called Ableton Live.I started writing music in Ableton and eventually started to find myself on a […]

  • How to tune your music with a tune box

    The best ways to tune a guitar, piano, or bass are different depending on the type of instrument you play.But here are the basic principles to remember when it comes to tuning your music: 1.Choose the right type of tuning wheel.Some tuning wheels are designed to be used for different types of music, but some […]

  • The Music Behind ‘The Lion King’ Trailer Is Now Streaming on YouTube

    The music video for The Lion King’s music track “A Thousand Little Trees” was released on YouTube on Friday, June 3, 2018.The clip was released after a year-long delay.The music video is the first time The Lion Kingdom has released a music video, and it is the only one of the series to be released […]

  • The Jazz Store at the House Music Store

    This is the second article in a three-part series exploring how we live in an age of the home, and the importance of music in our lives.The article is based on the book, “The Jazz Store” by Sarah G. Skelton, a professor of sociology at the University of Illinois.

  • How to raise a child in a single generation

    When your kid gets older, you may want to take a look at the things that matter the most to you, such as your child’s educational and social development, your career and career goals, your child and family finances, and the environment in which you live.You may also want to consider your own priorities.It’s a […]

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