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  • Why Are U.S. Shakes So Slow? Here’s What’s Going On

    Shrek the Musical, the popular Disney film franchise, will return for its sixth season at 11:30 p.m.ET/PT on Sunday.Here are five reasons why it could be the biggest surprise yet: 1.It’s a hit with young children.This season of Shrek has grown into a blockbuster hit among children.Its sales have tripled since its debut in 1997, […]

  • How to avoid the ‘GMOs’ that have invaded the supermarket

    A new trend has been emerging in the grocery world, one that has led to a surge in food labeling.The Food Babe, a woman who claims to have researched and reported on food products for over a decade, claims she has discovered that genetically modified foods contain trace amounts of pesticides, herbicides, and chemicals that […]

  • New York’s music scene is changing, and it’s changing fast

    There are some things that have stayed the same since the early 2000s: the fact that most of the people on the streets of New York are musicians; that the underground scene that flourished between the early ’90s and the late ’00s was mostly in Brooklyn and the Bronx, and that the music scene in […]

  • You can cancel Amazon Music, Dynamics, and soothing music from Amazon!

    Hacker News subscribers can cancel all their Amazon Music and Dynamic subscriptions by logging in to their accounts.You can also cancel your Amazon Music subscription for free.If you don’t already have one, it’s free to get a free trial.You also can cancel a free Dyson smart home system and a free Amazon Echo.The new cancellation […]

  • Why I left Apple Music for Spotify

    I left my Apple Music account at least four years ago, and I can’t remember when exactly I left.I’d say that I left because of the subscription model, the app’s lack of music discovery, the lack of a good app for discovering new music, and the app itself.Those reasons may be valid, but they don’t […]

  • Which of these songs is the biggest hit of the summer?

    “It’s the music,” says Tom, the guy who owns a vinyl shop in downtown Los Angeles.“I mean, you’d be surprised.”“I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything like it,” says the owner of an all-you-can-eat sandwich shop.“It just doesn’t get old.”As for the songs themselves, “it’s a mix of hits and misses,” says Joe, a guy […]

  • Play your favorite songs from the deep sleep music app for free

    Play your music and watch TV from your couch at home.The latest version of the Google Play Music app, available for free download, lets you play music and play movies from your Android phone or tablet, and it lets you listen to deep sleep video and podcasts without interruptions. The Deep Sleep app has been around […]

  • Maverick City Music: The world’s best online music subscription service

    This is a curated selection of the best subscription services in the world, curated by our friends at Maverik.The best music and audiobooks are available in the best way, on-demand and in full digital form.Find out more about subscription services.1.Music Unlimited 2.Spotify 3.Tidal 4.Rdio 5.Apple Music 6.Spotify 7.Rdios 8.Apple Podcasts 9.TuneIn 10.Pandora 11.Spotify Premium (free) […]

  • How to get free music: Music producer says no to Spotify for free

    The music producer behind the popular music streaming service Spotify says it will not sell or share its music for free.The move came on the heels of Spotify announcing it will charge publishers for free content, but it’s unclear whether that means Spotify will also be able to charge publishers money for the same content.In […]

  • How to pronounce ‘SpongeBob’

    How to say “Spongebobs” article The SpongeBob song “I Want a SpongeBob” was the first time the word “sponge” appeared in an official song.The original title was “I Like SpongeBob,” but it was changed to “I Wish I Were a Sponge.”When SpongeBob sang the song in the 1970s, his wife, Tina, told him to keep […]

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