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  • Sleep is good for the brain, study finds

    The brain is a good place to be when you want to fall asleep, according to a new study.The brain can sleep for a good six hours, a study found.Sleep researchers have found that the longer a person sleeps, the better they are able to learn, perform tasks, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.Sleep experts agree […]

  • Why Apple Music Is the Best Music Player You Can Buy, Now That Spotify Is Dead

    In a recent interview with Billboard, Apple Music CEO Tim Cook revealed the reason for the sudden demise of Spotify.According to Cook, Spotify’s business model didn’t work out and the company was not able to generate the revenue that it hoped to.Cook stated that the company is now looking to “make it easy to get […]

  • The ‘Wicked’ Musical Is the ‘Worst Movie Ever Made’

    The Wicked Musical has gone into hibernation, and that means it has to be a bit of a surprise to discover it is one of the best movies ever made.The Wicked Musical is a horror movie that tells the story of an elderly couple who travel to a rural, wooded area in Maine, only to […]

  • Pandora free music playlist for the grinches

    The grinch’s musical Pandora Free, which will be available to everyone, is one of a series of free songs that will be released by the music service this week.The songs include the popular “Waitress,” “Panda” and “The Grinch.”The original Pandora Music app will be updated to include these new songs as well.If you’re looking to […]

  • How to Build a New Music Career with Music: The Definitive Guide

    “A good song is a great song,” says guitarist James McNeill.“And it is always better when you hear a lot of different songs playing together.”In a way, the phrase “music is a process” is a very human statement, McNeill says, pointing out that you need to work hard to create something you enjoy.But as we’re […]

  • When Steve Bannon took over the White House, the internet was just about dead

    A few months ago, a new technology was born: a video game that was, in its own words, “the best thing since sliced bread.”For those who didn’t already have a copy of the game, it was called Spelunky.Spelunking was, according to The Verge, a way for developers to play through an existing game with a […]

  • Which Irish singer has the best dance moves?

    A music video has become the latest pop sensation to be linked to a spate of deaths in a small rural community in the north-west of Ireland.The video of the song “Sister Rosie” was uploaded to YouTube on March 13, and it has since been viewed more than 11 million times.“Sister” is about the sisters […]

  • What does indie music mean for you?

    The indie music scene has been in a tailspin for years, with many musicians and labels struggling to keep up with demand and a lack of distribution platforms.Here’s a look at the major issues facing indie music today.1.Lack of distribution platform Quaver Music has struggled to find a way to reach its loyal fanbase.The online […]

  • What is youtube christmass music?

    The youtube christmast music is a musical video uploaded on December 25th 2016 by YouTube.The video features a montage of various musical instruments including the flute, harp, and accordion.It is one of the most popular music videos on youtube.It has over 7 million views, and it has gained popularity worldwide.The music video was made to […]

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