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  • Apple Music: The next step in music discovery

    Apple Music is a subscription-based service, and it’s one that Apple Music’s CEO John Browett has described as a “premium service” that will eventually be “premier for the long haul”. Browett told reporters in September that Apple has a lot of “investment capital and we’re committed to the long-term success of our subscription services”. “But there are […]

  • What’s new in YouTube videos

    You probably know that videos can’t be played without a video player, and now YouTube is making the same mistake with music videos.The YouTube app has made it so that music videos can be played with only the music playing at the top of the video.That’s not a huge deal, but if you’ve ever tried […]

  • How To Be A Porn Star: A Porn Master Class

    There’s something you can do with your life that you don’t know about.You might be a porn star, and you might be in the business of porn, but you don?t know that.Join us as we explore the world of porn with some of the best porn stars in the world.And we?re not just talking about […]

  • Why do some people get sick and others get well?

    A lot of people get ill and others don’t.But in Chicago, the medical examiner’s office said, people get “really sick” in large numbers.The office said the city recorded nearly 1,000 illnesses and injuries from February to May, the highest number since the city began keeping track in 2003.About 5,000 of the hospitalizations and 2,000 deaths […]

  • When did Beyonce lose her virginity?

    A year ago, Beyonce released her third studio album, Lemonade.It sold more than two million copies worldwide and became a bestseller, a hit and a phenomenon.But a year ago she had another pregnancy scare.On August 25, Beyoncé, 24, was at a restaurant in Miami Beach, Florida, when she was attacked by a group of men […]

  • What you need to know about Halloween music: Chordalism

    The last of the three chords in the chordal system, the third-order, is known as the triad, but this is a very different chord from the chordic system in which the fourth, fifth, and sixth chords play.The triad is derived from the Greek word for “three”, which is derived, in turn, from the Latin triumvirate.In […]

  • Which songs are the best in music?

    There’s something about the sound of a beat music track that’s so much more than a musical melody.It’s a sound that moves the listener and that changes how they feel about the music.So, what are some of the best songs to study?In the next few days, we’ll be posting new research articles about the best […]

  • How did you find out about Next Big?

    Next Big is a new, exciting genre of music that’s getting a lot of attention.A lot of people are making a lot out of it.A big reason why is that it has a lot more in common with hip-hop than most of the other genres, but it’s really about the beat.The sound is so unique, […]

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