‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 premiere on ‘Game of Thrones’ – TVGuide.com

HBO has announced that Season 3 of “The Walking Down Dead” will be its first to premiere on Game of Thrones. 

As part of the deal, HBO will produce the season as well as carry it on its streaming service, HBO Now.

The announcement was made at a press event on Monday at HBO’s Los Angeles headquarters, where the show is filmed. 

“We can’t wait to bring you the first ever season of ‘The Wall,’ the epic, gritty, terrifying saga of the undead,” said HBO programming president Marc Guggenheim. 

The show’s first season premieres in March. 

Season 3 will be produced by Brian Knapp, who previously produced the series’ second season, “The Whisperers.” 

“Game of the Thrones” is the second season of HBO’s hit HBO series “Game of Swords.”

The first season debuted in January 2018.

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