Why the #DeleteUber lawsuit matters

The hashtag #DeleteUnleashed has been used to launch a lawsuit that seeks to force Uber to remove a controversial app that lets people order rides from nearby drivers.

Uber is one of several companies that have faced a backlash over its service in recent weeks.

A series of tweets from the app’s owners, including Chief Executive Officer Travis Kalanick, have called the app a “disaster” for the company.

Uber also is facing a backlash after Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi announced that the company would cut its workforce by 30 percent.

Kalanicks comments came just days after Uber’s stock price surged nearly 7 percent after he said he would be stepping down from the company in a letter to employees.

“There is no question that our team is a team of talented, dedicated individuals who have made a lot of hard choices and have sacrificed a lot to bring us to where we are today,” Kalanickers letter said.

Uber has faced a series of controversies in recent years.

A class action lawsuit was filed in California by thousands of drivers in 2016, alleging that Uber was “selling unsafe, low-quality, dangerous, and unreliable rides.”

The lawsuit was settled last year for $65 million.

The company was also accused of not complying with federal regulations, and was hit with another class action suit earlier this year, this time for failing to properly vet drivers.

The California suit, which was filed on behalf of a small number of drivers, alleged that Uber “tortured, degraded, harassed, and coerced” drivers by “unfair, illegal, and deceptive practices.”

The company’s stock fell 7 percent on Thursday after the news of the California lawsuit broke.

In addition to the Uber drivers, several other drivers have also accused the company of failing to protect them.

In October, Uber sued former Uber driver John Mihalic, who was arrested for allegedly threatening to kill Uber drivers and was charged with criminal harassment.

Uber said it had “never done anything like this in the history of our company.”

Mihallic was released on bond in November after a judge ruled he did not pose a threat to the safety of the public.

“This case is a wakeup call that the industry can no longer ignore the dangers that arise from the sharing economy,” Kalantos letter said, calling for Uber to “remove this app from the App Store and remove it from the platform in which it operates.”

Uber did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The lawsuit follows a series that have taken place over the past several months as thousands of users have taken to the app to voice their anger over the app and its alleged violations of labor law.

In December, Uber launched a new program that allows drivers to report alleged abuses of the app.

In March, a California court ruled that Uber’s employees must be paid overtime for work done during the six-week suspension period.

Last month, Uber was hit by a class action filed by thousands, who alleged that it did not properly vet and enforce drivers’ safety.