Aesthetic music maker, high school musical artist to host a festival in UK

Music maker Matt Koehn will hold a festival this summer in the UK, in a bid to promote his high school-based music creation project.

Matt Koehne, who has also worked on the music of his childhood band The Shiremen, will open the festival, which will feature the likes of bands like Drones and The Bends, and will include a free performance on Friday the 13th.

Matt will also be performing on Saturday, and his solo project, which he will release on September 12, will be an event for all ages.

He told TechRadar:”We’ve been really lucky with how well the music we’re creating has been received by the people we’ve played to, and the amount of support we’ve been getting.”

So it’s great to be able to play a festival like this to show people what we can do.

“Matt Koesen said the festival would be held at a time when people are excited about making music and that he hopes people will come out to support the project.”

There are a lot of people in the industry who are excited by the idea of making music, and a lot more of those people are looking for opportunities like this where they can make something that they really love, and they can really share that with people,” he said.

Matt added that he was very excited to be making music with the Shireman and that there were a lot things he wanted to add to the project, including a collaboration with a friend of his who was in the music industry.”

We’re really excited to have Matt Koesens music as part of the festival because he has been a fantastic musician,” he added.

Matt and his band The Benders have released their first EP, Music Maker, on iTunes and are currently on tour.

Matt has also released a new solo album on Spotify called Music Maker: A High School Musical, which features collaborations with Drones, The Shiresmen and Drones: The Original Rockabilly Dancer.