YouTube music store now supports music videos

The new YouTube Music app now supports YouTube’s popular video playlist feature, allowing users to upload music videos to play on the app.

The feature allows users to play their favorite YouTube videos in a playlist with a title and description.

The video is then streamed to their mobile device.

The feature also allows users who have been viewing the video on their device to skip to the beginning of the song, as long as the video is in 720p or 1080p.

YouTube said it also made improvements to YouTube Music’s music player interface, which is easier to use.

It added a new menu with a new tab for artists, a section called “Listen to YouTube” and a new section called “[Artist]” that lets users skip to a playlist’s artist name and song title.

Users can also play the music on their mobile devices through the Music Player app or YouTube Music.

YouTube also added an audio playback section called Playlist Viewer and added support for Spotify Premium users.

YouTube Music was the first app to support YouTube’s “playlist” feature, which allows users, like Apple Music and Spotify, to share a playlist or playlist content from one app with another.

The music streaming service’s creators have said they hope to see more music streaming apps available to users in the future.