Why you should be a game designer in 2017

What to expect from this year’s video game industry:From game studios to publishers to retailers to players, there’s more than a little news to keep you up to date on this year, and this week we’ll be looking at the most important news of 2017.

First up, it’s been announced that Minecraft: Story Mode is coming to PC.

The Minecraft spin-off will also be making a return to consoles later this year.

It’s not quite a sequel, but it’s going to be one of the biggest Minecraft games yet.

It will take the form of a free-to-play MMO, similar to what was seen on PC before its launch.

It’s not just Minecraft fans that will be getting the chance to experience the new game.

Ubisoft is also releasing a new trailer, which you can watch below.

You can see it below.

The game is set in a new world, where you can take on the role of the main character in an action RPG with a story mode and a story campaign.

There will be no story missions, no crafting, no quests, and no leveling up.

Instead, players will be free to explore the world, and you’ll be able to take on various jobs.

It sounds simple enough, but you’ll have to pick your battles.

It’ll be your job to protect a town from an enemy, but also to protect other people in the town from being attacked.

You’ll also have to defend the town itself, so you can build new buildings to aid your town, and then you can help out other players in the area.

The whole game is being developed by the Mojang team, which includes creative director and co-founder of the studio Mojang Chris Avellone.

It looks set to be a big game.