Why the NHL is killing its music videos

The NHL’s Music Video Department has a new leader, and it’s one who’s taking the game in a different direction.

The new leader of the NHL Music Video department is a former player who, according to a memo from NHL Media VP of Communications Chris O’Reilly, was fired by the league last month for allegedly abusing his position and bullying his staff.

The memo, dated Jan. 22, stated that the player was fired for allegedly bullying his employees.

The move comes just a week after former NHL players’ union president Chris Andrews, who previously worked with O’ Reilly, resigned from the league.

Andrews told The Associated Press that the move was prompted by the player’s “repeated abuse of his position” during a recent conference call with league officials.

“He’s a very aggressive person who will say anything to get a reaction out of you,” Andrews said.

“And it’s very unfortunate, because there’s a lot of talent that goes into the game.

And it’s unfortunate that the talent he brought to the league didn’t live up to expectations.”

The memo did not say who fired Andrews, but O’Reilly told AP that the league did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

O’Reilly said that O’Neill, who has worked for the NHL for more than a decade, was asked to step down last month.

He said the new leader has been a “coach for a while” and has helped develop the department into a “very professional and efficient” one.

The NHL, which is owned by Rogers Communications, declined to comment on the firing.

The Hockey Hall of Fame, which owns the rights to the NHL’s most popular musicals, has said it would like to have a presence at the 2017 All-Star Game in Nashville, but the NHL says that will not happen until after the 2018-19 season.