Why Are U.S. Shakes So Slow? Here’s What’s Going On

Shrek the Musical, the popular Disney film franchise, will return for its sixth season at 11:30 p.m.

ET/PT on Sunday.

Here are five reasons why it could be the biggest surprise yet: 1.

It’s a hit with young children.

This season of Shrek has grown into a blockbuster hit among children.

Its sales have tripled since its debut in 1997, and its ratings have surpassed those of any Disney film.

In fact, last year Disney said Shrek surpassed Avatar as the most-watched animated film in history.

Shrek is also the first animated movie to win the Academy Award for best original song.

Shrink may not have the audience that Disney’s other big hits, Avatar or Frozen, had, but it has the kids, and the adults who follow in their wake.


The soundtrack.

A popular song in the film is the iconic tune Shrek: A Musical.

Its catchy chorus alone has turned millions of children into Shrinks fans, and that continues this season.

Shredder, a robotic character with a shaggy mane and big shoes, sings the lyrics of the theme song.


Shreveport is a natural hub.

The city of Shreve, Louisiana, was created when Shrek was first released.

Since then, the town has grown and developed as a tourist destination, and now has the largest collection of Shrunkets in the world.

The Shrinking City has its own Shrek theme park, and it has been dubbed “the Shrek of Shrektons.”


The characters.

The film is based on the popular song “Shrek.”

Shrek and his friends are all made up of two-dimensional characters, but the music that makes them all come alive has to be heard to believe.

This year Shrek, voiced by Christopher Walken, will sing songs about his childhood, including “I Got You Babe” and “Shrink.”


Shrill voice.

Shreks song is a catchy one-note tune that is heard over and over again in the movie.

“Shreks voice” is a combination of words that sound like they’re saying something different, according to a Shrek spokesperson.

It comes from the word “shrink,” which means to grow, shrink, or lose weight.

The song has inspired a number of Shriners and Shrek fans to wear a shabby coat and hat to the show.

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