What’s the difference between folk and gospel?

A lot of people are still not familiar with the distinction between folk music and gospel music.

In fact, folk music is actually more popular in America than in other places.

So it makes sense that the folk music community is not well-represented in mainstream culture, despite the fact that many of the most prominent folk artists are in the country.

The popularity of folk music also comes at a time when some other forms of music, like jazz and blues, are seeing a resurgence in popularity and interest.

A new study from the University of Chicago finds that the number of black Americans listening to folk music rose to 6% in 2014 from 2% in 2009, and that the black population is also more likely to have listened to folk recordings.

The study, published in the Journal of African American Studies, looked at more than 11,000 music files from people across the United States.

It found that the proportion of people who said they listened to “folk music” rose from 6% to 12% between 2009 and 2014.

“Our findings provide a window into the growing black music community and the cultural relevance of African-American folk music,” lead author Jennifer B. Williams said in a statement.

The researchers were able to pinpoint a few notable trends.

In 2014, folk songs were the most popular form of music in the US, followed by gospel music and country music.

People who said that they listened “folk” also reported listening to jazz and country, which is interesting given that folk music has been marginalized and marginalized in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Canada.

“In the UK, jazz is considered an urban phenomenon, while country music is a popular suburban genre,” the study notes.

“Popular black musicians such as Keith Urban and Ray Charles, who have a diverse fanbase in the black community, have also played a large role in building up the underground black music scene in the UK.”

Folk music is typically played to lull the listener into a state of sleep, and it’s believed that the music is soothing for the nervous system, which may explain why it’s so popular among the elderly.

Folk music, in the form of folk tunes, is usually composed of a mixture of traditional elements like woodwind, baritone, and other instruments, and newer genres like jazz.

Some of the best known folk recordings, like “Ode to Joy,” are from African American singers.

“The song is an homage to African American folk music that has come to be seen as a counterpoint to white folk music, as well as a spiritual experience that has been taken to new heights in the modern era,” the authors wrote.

Folk musicians are known for their use of traditional African American songs.

“A great example is the gospel singer and songwriter Toni Morrison, whose work includes such songs as ‘Lonesome Dove,’ ‘I Saw My Mother in the Street,’ and ‘We’re Going to Take a Walk in the Sun,'” the study noted.

Other folk artists include the blues legend Dizzy Gillespie, who recorded “I’m Not the Only One,” and singer and folklorist Mary J. Blige, who has released her own folk album, “Bitch I’m Not.”

“The African American population has historically been a large and diverse audience for the creation and dissemination of folk culture and folk music within the African American community, but we believe that the majority of the music community today, especially African American musicians, are less familiar with their music and its significance in our communities,” the researchers wrote.

“Although some have expressed concerns about the lack of diversity within the black folk community, this lack of interest in music by black Americans reflects an overall cultural gap that remains largely unaddressed in the music and media industries.”