Spotify, Pandora to add music streaming service in 2018

The two music streaming giants will begin rolling out a new streaming music service for 2018 in the US, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.

Spotify and Pandora will begin adding new music to their streaming music apps in 2018, according the report.

Spotify will add access to artists and albums that have not been added to their apps yet, and Pandora is expected to add a music service that will bring artists and labels together to stream songs.

Spotify said it will not introduce a subscription service for the streaming service until the company is ready to launch the service in the coming months.

Pandora is also expected to start offering an ad-supported subscription service, which will bring music fans to the platform.

Pandora has been a leader in the streaming music space, with millions of users subscribing to its service, and it is also one of the fastest growing services.

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek says the company will keep expanding the number of artists it supports and the quality of its artists’ music, which has been growing.

Ek said Spotify has more than 100 million monthly active users, making it one of its most popular music services.

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