Amazon Music: What to know about the streaming music service

Amazon Music is the latest big technology company to offer a streaming service in the U.S., and it’s the latest to make a deal with Apple.

The online music and video retailer has just added Apple Music to its lineup of streaming music services.

Amazon Music lets you stream music to your phone, computer, and tablets from the Amazon app for free, and it includes some music-focused features, like the ability to add more songs to your library.

It’s also a streaming music platform that is compatible with all of Apple Music’s paid features, including the ability for users to stream music directly to the device, including Apple Music apps, on iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

For the most part, Apple Music and Amazon Music have the same music player, the same radio stations, and the same overall music experience.

But Amazon has added some features that Apple has not, like access to an expanded music library of up to 25 million songs.

Amazon also announced that it will add a new feature to Apple Music that lets users upload music videos to their account.

Apple Music users will also be able to download more than 1,000 videos and photos that Amazon will then use to make their own music videos.

Apple Music will not be available until the end of January, but the new Amazon Music app will be available starting on January 24.

Amazon has also announced plans to add a feature that lets Apple Music customers create music videos directly from the music.

The feature will be in addition to the existing video and photo creation features in Apple Music.

Both companies are expected to announce more details at their upcoming product announcements later this month.

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