Amazon Music Music cancels thousands of albums, but the price is right for you

The price of Amazon Music has been halved since its launch in January, but you can still stream the music that is most important to you.

The Music tab in the Amazon app has been removed, replaced with a new tab for artists and bands.

The new tab offers a lot of new content, including songs from new artists, new bands and albums.

The old Music tab is now a place to check out the albums, which can now be downloaded on demand and saved to your device for offline playback. 

The new Music tab has more features, too.

You can now view the album art and artwork of the song, as well as the track titles.

You also get more personalized playlists that show the best songs and albums on your library, including the most popular tracks. 

Amoebas music Taken from an Amoebatart, but this artist also has some good tunes.

The new tabs are not available for all Amazon Music users, though.

If you’re a Premium or Audible subscriber, you’ll have to wait until October to get them.