The Grinch Musical: The Musical: “I Will Rock You Forever”

It is a story that has been told by many in Hollywood, and it has been recounted on the hit musical film The Grinches.

Written by the original cast of the movie, The Grunchies have starred a wide array of talented comedic actors, including Chevy Chase, Steve Carell, Jim Carrey, and David Cross, and they have been seen on the big screen countless times.

The film has become an enduring cult classic, and its popularity is no doubt due in part to its story.

Now, according to EW, it is being resurrected for a new movie starring James Franco.

The movie, which is still in the works, will see a new cast, and a new director, but it is unclear whether Franco will return to the role he played in the original film.

EW’s own Andrew Form reports that Franco will not be back.

“It’s really sad,” Franco told the site.

“I’ll do it one way or another.

The Grumbles, the movie was not mine.

It was written by my father, and my parents, and by my brother, and so I am just thrilled that it’s getting resurrected.”

The original cast reunited in the 2017 film The Returned, which was directed by Ben Stiller.

The grinch was created by David Bowie, who wrote the script and directed the film, and he is one of the most beloved characters in popular culture.

His role in the film is arguably one of his most iconic, as he has become a legend among fans and critics alike.

“In a lot of ways, David Bowie’s The Grudge was about a grumpy old man, so that’s really where the grinch comes from,” Franco said.

“And David Bowie himself, who was a grump all his life, is in the movie as well, so I think that’s what really made it stand out.”

It’s not the first time a musical about a movie character has been revived.

The musical adaptation of The Graysons was revived in 2013 with a cast of characters including Jeff Bridges, John C. Reilly, and Jason Sudeikis.

The original movie is still a cult classic and remains a hit on the red carpet and in theaters.