Meditation music festival in Australia hits back at criticism

A meditative music festival has been slammed for failing to properly secure security, and for its lack of transparency over who was paid to secure the event.

It comes after a controversial post on the festival’s Facebook page in which the organisers claimed to have secured the venue for them.

The event has been called off after a police response to a complaint about “dangerous behaviour” by some of the attendees.

The festival’s organisers have now said that the incident was “not the first time in the festival” that they had been approached by law enforcement.

A Facebook post on Sunday morning stated that police were “working to secure and secure the venue”.

“This is not the first incident where security has been compromised,” the post said.

“We are in the process of contacting local authorities to secure it and secure future events.”

The post was quickly deleted, but was posted again later in the day.

On Sunday night, police officers were seen arriving at the festival with a “briefly secured” venue.

Another event, Music Live!

2016, had been advertised for Friday night, but it was cancelled.

The police presence at the event came after a similar incident at an event in Queensland last year.

Police said that a security guard had been taken to hospital with a broken leg after being tackled by one of the festival attendees.

Police have previously said that organisers have a “clear policy” that people entering the festival venue are required to wear a wristband and pass a “prohibited substance test”.

“The safety of all guests and attendees at the venue is our top priority,” the festival told The Australian on Monday.

“This includes those attending our meditation music festival.”

Police said they were “still in the early stages of their investigation” into the incident, but that there was no evidence of any crime.

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