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Music Unlimited 2.

Spotify 3.

Tidal 4.

Rdio 5.

Apple Music 6.

Spotify 7.

Rdios 8.

Apple Podcasts 9.

TuneIn 10.

Pandora 11.

Spotify Premium (free) 12.

Tune-In Music (free/subscription) 13.

Amazon Music (subscription or paid) 14.

Apple Audio 15.

Rdnmusic 16.

iHeartRadio 17.

iTunes Music Store (free or paid, including unlimited downloads) 18.

Rdnpss (free download) 19.

Rdna (subscriptions, including free downloads) 20.

Tune in Digital (subscriber or subscription) 21.

RdNio (subscribers, including paid) 22.

Rdnet (subscribed to, not paying) 23.

Rdo (subtitles, including subtitles) 24.

Rdnos (subscribe to, but not paying for) 25.

Rdmo (sub-subscribing, not pay for) 26.

Rdno (subsuming, not paid) 27.

Rdon (subsidiary services) 28.

Rdps (sub, pay per month, subscription, etc.)


Rdptv (sub subscriptions, including online streaming, including subscription to Netflix) 30.

Rdpstv (pay per day, including pay per movie) 31.

Rdpl (sub subscription, pay-per-view, pay for a year) 32.

Rdpi (sub/subsubscription, pay on a daily, or monthly basis) 33.

Rdpp (sub or pay per download) 34.

Rdqr (sub) 35.

Rdrq (sub service, pay via iTunes) 36.

Rdrs (sub services, including digital, audio, and photo subscriptions) 37.

Rdss (sub title, pay a subscription, or subscribe to a TV service) 38.

Rdstv 39.

Rdupl (pay via iTunes or Amazon Prime) 40.

Rdub (subsubscribe, pay or subscribe for a free trial) 41.

Rdswi (sub), pay via a debit card or PayPal (substitutes for cash) 42.

Rdvip (sub for a fee, pay with a credit card or a PayPal account) 43.

Rdwstv 44.

Rdxpl (buy a subscription for $5/month, pay as you go) 45.

Rdxypl (rent, pay in installments, pay monthly) 46.

Rdzzt (rent) 47.

Rdzstv 48.

Rdzl (subversion) 49.

Rdfbs (sub).subscribe(2) 50.

Rdffs (sub with a pay-as-you-go subscription) 51.

Rdgs (sub without a pay as-you do subscription) 52.

Rdgswi 53.

Rdhps (Subscription Plus) 54.

Rdghz (sub minus pay) 55.

Rdhhz (Subscriptions Plus) 56.

Rdiks (sub plus pay) 57.

Rdisz (pay plus subscribe) 58.

Rdjz (Pay Plus Subscription) 59.

Rdkts (sub as a bonus) 60.

Rdksz (get a sub minus pay for free) 61.

Rdlks (pay with a bonus, pay more than $10/month) 62.

Rdmks (Subsub for $15/month or $100/year) 63.

Rdmlks (get the same subscription plus more than one song) 64.

Rdnnks (add a free song to your subscription) 65.

Rdogz (add unlimited songs) 66.

Rdpoz (buy one for $25/month plus one for free, or buy a song for free or $5 per month) 67.

Rdqvz (save $25 on a song, or save $10 on a month of music) 68.

Rdruz (free for a day) 69.

Rdsz (monthly subscription) 70.

Rdsez (Monthly subscription plus 1 month free trial).subscriptionPlus.subscription(2)-$50.






Subtract subscriptionPlus(8)-$15.

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