YouTube music library: Shrek the Musical

YouTube Music Library is a new music app for the iPhone and iPad that has launched.

The app, which launched on Thursday, features thousands of songs, including music from the animated series, the popular video game, the animated TV show, and more.

The catalog includes more than 1,600 songs, ranging from songs from Shrek’s musical adventures, including the animated show, Shrek Forever After, and the popular TV show The Simpsons, to songs from popular YouTube video series like The Muppet Show, The SpongeBob Movie, and The Rockford Files.

The Apple app, currently available for free on the iOS app store, allows users to listen to songs via their iPhone or iPad as they stream on the YouTube website.

The app has been in beta testing for two weeks and now has over 100 million downloads.

“YouTube Music Library brings the best of the internet music to mobile devices,” YouTube founder and CEO Kevin Systrom said in a statement.

“YouTube Music is one of the most-used apps on mobile phones and tablets.

This app is available for all iOS devices.

Our team is excited to bring this incredible catalog to mobile and tablet platforms.”

YouTube Music, which is available in the App Store for $0.99, is the second major music app to launch in the wake of the Shrek musical, which was released in 2014.

That app, Music Maker, also has a large music library that includes popular YouTube videos and music videos.