Why do some people get sick and others get well?

A lot of people get ill and others don’t.

But in Chicago, the medical examiner’s office said, people get “really sick” in large numbers.

The office said the city recorded nearly 1,000 illnesses and injuries from February to May, the highest number since the city began keeping track in 2003.

About 5,000 of the hospitalizations and 2,000 deaths were attributed to influenza.

The number of illnesses and deaths related to the coronavirus soared after the pandemic began in the United States and has been rising steadily ever since.

The number of people who had serious coronaviral illnesses has increased by about 2,500, the Chicago Tribune reported on Tuesday.

The new numbers show how rapidly the city’s health care system is collapsing.

Hospitals and health clinics have closed.

The city has been battling an acute shortage of nurses and doctors.

And the city has spent billions on treating the epidemic, with the state and federal governments taking some of the biggest bites.

The medical examiner is releasing new coronaviruses data in hopes of improving public health, said Dr. Jonathan G. Coughlin, a medical examiner and infectious diseases specialist.

In some cities, the coronovirus is also spreading from one person to another.

Caughey said the data may help determine if there is a better way to care for the city.

Coughlin said he expects to release new data next week, but the number of infections and deaths will be hard to estimate.

He expects the numbers to be similar to the ones released earlier this month.