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The new edition of the popular music magazine, Next Big Sound, has just been released.

The new issue, which will come out in the UK on June 30, includes a wide range of music, including relaxing piano music from artists like Joe Dever.

“The new edition is a collection of the best new music out there and has a mix of classic pop, alternative, hip-hop, and a whole bunch of different genres,” said a spokesperson for Next Big Music, a magazine that features music by artists such as Ellie Goulding, Dever, and Tove Lo.

“We hope that this collection will be a great addition to your listening queue for 2018 and beyond!”

“This collection of music is available as a digital download from the Next Big Store,” said the spokesperson.

The release of the music comes after a year in which many artists such the Spice Girls, The xx, and the Spice Boys were able to get their music released via digital streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music.

It also comes as the internet’s “music economy” has become a focus of interest for music publishers, as artists are able to monetise their music through streaming platforms.

The number of new artists being signed to major labels this year has also seen artists such Beyonce and Beyoncé sign on to new deals with major labels.

As a result, music publishers are now focusing on new business models, including digital streaming, where music can be sold to consumers without having to be recorded.

The Next Big Entertainment has a long and varied history, with a long list of artists and artists groups including The Beatles, The Clash, The Kinks, The Beatles Junior, The Police, and The Police Junior.

This year’s edition of Next Big Sounds, which is released on June 20, has a wide array of music.

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