This is how YouTube Music Library makes the most of its massive storage space

By Chris JonesBBC SportA music library of all genres has been built in-house at the BBC.

The service allows users to search through music by genre, artist, track and album.

A new feature has been added which lets users see what is in their library and share it with friends.

We’ve been watching the music industry grow ever bigger and more diverse in recent years, with music streaming services like Spotify, Pandora and Rdio dominating the market.

There are now over 200,000 music genres on Spotify alone, which has led to the service having a massive music library.

The BBC Music Library, launched last week, lets users easily search through the music from all these services and share music from their own personal collection.

We asked our readers for their favourite songs to play, so we created a new feature to help you find the best songs.

It’s an open-source project and is available for anyone to use.

Our readers said they loved the music-search functionality, which allowed them to quickly find the song of the day, a favourite song or even a favourite artist.

There is a free trial version, which you can get here.

The music-streaming service lets users search through millions of songs across over 30,000 artists and genres, as well as tracks from artists like Justin Bieber, The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan.

You can also create and share your own songs, create playlists, share music videos, and browse and listen to music from the BBC iPlayer, iTunes and Google Play.

We found it a lot easier to browse through music in this version than in previous versions of the app, and we loved the fact that we could create play lists of our own songs.

However, if you don’t have a Spotify account, you’ll need to purchase a free account to access the service.

We used the free trial to search for the most popular music, which took us about an hour.

It wasn’t too bad, and it did take a little bit longer to discover the songs that we liked.

We also found that we loved playing a lot of our favourites on our phone, and the music search functionality allowed us to browse and play a lot more music.

We were able to access a lot music from Spotify and Pandora, and downloaded a lot from Apple Music, which we then downloaded to our phone.

Once we had a song on the device, we then shared it via social media or via email to all of our friends and family.

We did enjoy the simplicity of using the Spotify-based service, which was really simple.

We love that you can search through all your music in one place, which allows us to listen to some great tunes on the go, even when we’re away from home.

It was also a lot simpler to get into a playlist of music, and to share songs with other people, rather than having to download songs individually.

We have to admit that the music service was a bit of a struggle to get through, with the free version being a bit lacking, as was the other free version, the paid version.

It certainly wasn’t the best app to use for the majority of users, and there are some things that you’ll definitely want to buy the paid and/or paid-for version of.

Overall, the music streaming service was very straightforward, and well worth a try for anyone who is into music.