Alexandre Hamilton: Musical Instruments for Christmas

Musical Instruments For Christmas, a Christmas production by the Australian artist Alexandre Hamilton, is about a woman who is haunted by the ghost of her beloved mother, who died a long time ago.

The production is inspired by the popular folk song, “My Mother, My Father”.

“I grew up with a song in my head that’s called ‘My Mother’ and ‘My Father’,” Hamilton told Al Jazeera.

“I started writing about the song and the song has been haunting me ever since.”

Hamilton’s mother died in a house fire in the 1920s.

“It’s a very emotional song and it’s about how I can’t get past it,” she said.

“And then the story of how I lost her, how she died and that’s why it’s haunted.”

She didn’t die from a stroke, she died from a heart attack, and that made me realise that there’s something that is very real about that song.

“The production also includes music by the British music composer, Andrew Bird, who wrote the title track of Hamilton’s first album, The Dreaming and the Dreaming: A Christmas Story.”

The music of Andrew Bird is an important part of the story, and he is a huge fan of mine,” Hamilton said.’

The whole idea of the show is to make music that has a human component’In the past Hamilton has performed at venues across the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States, including at the Sydney Opera House, the Royal Opera House and the Royal Festival Hall.”

There’s a whole idea that’s being put out there, the whole idea is to create music that is a human element,” Hamilton told AFP.”

This is a music that doesn’t sound like any other music I’ve heard.

“But Hamilton’s musical journey has been far from a smooth one.

His mother was murdered, leaving him with no mother, and his father abandoned him.”

They left me with nothing, and I lost everything in a very short period of time,” he said.

He struggled with addiction and was arrested for theft in 2005.

His life was then changed when he was reunited with his mother in 2011.”

My mother died the following year, and after that I was very alone,” he explained.”

All my life I had been living in a bubble.

“Hamilton is currently on a residency at the Royal Adelaide Institute of Technology and his mother has become a mentor.”

That’s where I started the show, it’s where the show was born,” he added.”

To have this role that I have now, to get back into that place, it was really important to me.

“Hamilton said he feels “completely at home” with his musical persona.”

For me it’s not a very artistic character,” he told Al-Jazeera.”

What I’m trying to say is I think of myself as a very human person, that’s my story, my mother, my father, everything is a story and the music is a part of that.

“So I’m quite happy with it, it really is my favourite genre of music.”‘

The spirit of the musical is in this song’Hamilton’s show follows a woman whose life is destroyed when she is accused of murder.

“When I was younger, I used to think of music as something that was just there, and you can’t change it, you can only change yourself,” he continued.

“You have to experience it in order to understand what it’s like to experience that.

It’s an idea that is really, really powerful.””

I believe that the whole concept of the music has to be a part, and the spirit of it is in that song, that whole idea, which I believe is what the song is about,” he concluded.

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