Which music platforms are you using?

Apple Music is now the most popular music service in Australia, according to the latest figures released by Music Man.

According to the data, Apple Music had about a quarter of all Australian users on average.

The top three apps were Spotify, Pandora, and iHeartRadio.

However, a large majority of users were still on the iOS or Android versions of the service.

The biggest driver of growth in the last three years was the iOS app.

Apple Music has now surpassed Spotify, Beats by Dre, and Pandora, according the data.

The app has also gained popularity with the music lovers who are looking for an alternative to Spotify.

“We’re really seeing that Apple Music offers a more consistent and stable experience across iOS and Android,” Music Man CEO Michael Kelly said.

“And we’ve seen more users switching to Apple Music because of the quality of its music.”

The latest numbers showed that Spotify has now become the most used music service.

The app was used by about 20% of all users in Australia in the first quarter of 2018, according iTunes statistics.

“The big growth story has been on iOS,” Music Manager and Apple Music product manager Chris Wilson said.

While Apple Music may not be the top choice for everyone, Apple’s iOS is increasingly popular.

“People are more willing to spend more money for a more seamless experience,” Mr Wilson said, explaining that the new features in iOS 12 such as the ability to queue tracks for offline playback and the ability for users to create unlimited playlists have been great.

“They’ve helped us to improve the user experience on the app, but also to make it easier for new users to get into the app.”

Apple Music is available for free to all Australians.

Apple has been pushing its new Music app for years and the latest release is a major step forward in its push to expand its online offerings.

The company has also introduced a new Apple Music Pass service, which lets users listen to and buy albums in a variety of genres.

“Apple Music has grown a lot since it was first launched, but the app continues to grow, too,” Mr Kelly said, noting that the app has more than 100 million active users and a market value of about $2 billion.

“Music Man is confident that the launch of Apple Music Music will continue to attract new users, and will continue our momentum in our drive to deliver the best listening experience to our users.”

As we continue to grow and build a better digital music experience, we’re happy to support the growing and evolving Apple Music ecosystem,” he said.