Manchester United fans: ‘If I lose, I will lose it all’

The atmosphere at Old Trafford has been as tense as the atmosphere at Wembley this week, with the United supporters on the other side of the divide chanting their unhappiness with the club’s conduct.

It is not a sentiment that is unusual in the United squad, with Louis van Gaal and Jose Mourinho having made the point that if the club were to go down the wrong path, their fans would not support them.

It would be akin to saying if they were to lose the FA Cup final, the Manchester United supporters would not be at the stadium.

The reality is that the fans of Manchester United, or at least their supporters in the lower reaches of the United hierarchy, have always felt a bit let down.

“The fans don’t understand why they are not playing as well as they would like,” said Mourinho.

“They don’t know why we have not won a trophy.

If you lose, you lose it, it doesn’t matter how it happens. “

This is a football club.

If you lose, you lose it, it doesn’t matter how it happens.

We will never change it.” “

If we lose, we lose it.

We will never change it.”

Mourinho, however, does not think it will be too much of a stretch to say that the atmosphere would not have been better if the players had won.

“I have seen the way they are playing and they play a lot of passes and things like that.

The atmosphere would have been much better,” said the United boss.

“Maybe a little bit better, because I don’t want to say it, because it would be difficult to explain.”

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