Aussie rapper Spunky’s copyrights claim could cost him thousands of dollars

AUSTRALIAN rapper Spooky has filed a copyright claim against Universal Music Australia, claiming the company “intentionally” infringed his songs.

Spunky told ABC radio on Tuesday that he filed the claim with the Federal Court of Australia in Brisbane, and said the matter had been referred to the Federal Circuit Court.

“This is an infringement that has been caused by Universal Music,” he said.

“I’m seeking damages and I think the cost is quite substantial.”

The rapper was not available for comment on Tuesday.

Spooky’s claims against the music publisher and its Australian subsidiary are not the first time that the rapper has been embroiled in copyright infringement claims.

In 2012, he filed a similar claim against the US-based record company.

In that case, the rapper claimed that the music company had breached copyright in the lyrics to his 2010 song ‘A Day in the Life’, claiming that the lyrics were not in the public domain.

The rapper’s lawyer at the time said Spunky did not intend to use his music to promote any product, but was merely “using it to make a statement of his own”.