What you need to know about Carla Lalli’s music video for ‘Ladies’

A music video featuring the vocalist of one of rock band Carla and singer-songwriter Elle King has gone viral.

Carla Lalo, who also performs as Carla the Lady, has been credited with popularising country music, with the video making her one of the first women to be named a songwriter.

The video, entitled Ladies, features an ensemble of Lalo and King performing on the guitar alongside Lalo herself.

The clip was released by the music site Vevo on Wednesday (June 28) and received more than 5 million views within three days.

The song, titled Ladies, was written by Lalo as she had a boyfriend, and has been performed by Lela herself, King and the group of artists before.

King, who is a vocalist and guitarist with the rock band American Dream, is known for her country-based songs.

She recently said she would be returning to Nashville after an extended break to perform with American Dream.

In a statement, Vevom said Lalo was “an artist who has always been interested in performing her music and her songs and for her song to be used on this music video, we are thrilled”.

Lalo is a singer-guitarist, songwriter and actress.

In 2009, she released her first solo album, Lalo the Love Song, and in 2010 she made her solo album My Name Is Carla.