What to expect during the annual chill music festival in St. Louis

Chill music festivals, which are sometimes held on Halloween, are the hottest ticket in town for music lovers.

For the past three years, the annual St. Charles Chill Music Festival has drawn crowds of thousands of people in the St. Francis-St. Louis neighborhood.

The festival attracts hundreds of thousands in annual attendance.

For a list of local businesses and entertainment venues that have booked for the annual festival, check out our St. Clair County Business Directory.

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What to know about the St Charles Chill Festival and its festival program: Chill Music festivals are often held on the second Friday of each month in November.

The annual festival is an annual tradition in St Charles County.

This year, the festival will feature more than 80 different musical genres including funk, soul, hip hop, blues, reggae, rock and country.

The event will also feature music by local artists such as John Mayer, Dixie Chicks, the Grateful Dead and the Flaming Lips.

The Chill Music Festivities will be on site at the St Francis-Charles International Airport in St Louis.

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Where to watch the St-Charles Chill Music festival: You can watch the festival on television at the Hilton St. Croix Resort Hotel in St Croix, St. Augustine, St Louis Park, St Clair County Community College, the St Louis Zoo and other participating venues.

This event is free and open to the public.

What you can do at the annual event: The festival is scheduled to start at 10 a.m. on Saturday, November 3, at the Hotel St. Mary, located at 5500 South St. Patrick Blvd.

in St Mary, St Charles.

Admission is free.

Free parking will be available on site for those that want to park at the hotel.

For those that would like to purchase tickets, the event is scheduled for the following day.

The St Charles Music Festival is scheduled every October, which is October 25.

There is a limited number of tickets available for purchase, so it is recommended that you book before the event so you can purchase your ticket when you can.

There will be free entry for all attendees on Saturday.

There are no refunds, so there is no need to wait in line.

For questions about the Chill Music Music Festival, please call 314-979-8477.