India’s biggest music store: Why it’s worth the wait

India’s online music store, Play Music, has been available for several years, but its availability has been limited to select Indian cities and towns.

Now, a major new competitor has launched. 

Play Music, a global music streaming service, has announced that it will soon launch in the US and Europe, in a move that may well change the face of music consumption in the country.

Play Music’s CEO said in a statement on Tuesday that the US, which has been slow to embrace online streaming, would be the launch platform for the service. 

India is a rapidly expanding country and, while Play Music may not be the first streaming service to come to the US or Europe, it is the most high-profile.

In India, it’s estimated that there are more than 4 million music fans, and it is home to more than a million streaming platforms, according to the company. 

However, the service is a relative newcomer. 

“The US has not really embraced online streaming in the same way that it has embraced other platforms such as YouTube, which we believe will help us grow in the future,” said the CEO of Play Music in a blog post on Tuesday.

“As we see the growth of streaming services, we have a very clear vision of how we will continue to grow our business, grow our user base, and create value for our customers.

We are very excited about this new platform and we hope you will also be as well.”

The launch of Play’s new service will coincide with a major event for the company, which will be held in New York City on October 15.

Play is expected to be one of the most important music events in the city in the next few months.

The company has said it will unveil a number of new products, including a new digital music player.

The announcement of the new streaming service comes as music industry experts have expressed concerns about the quality of streaming music. 

Last month, music industry body the Federation of Indian Music Industries (FIMI) said that India has not yet taken enough steps to improve the quality and quantity of music available to consumers.

Earlier this month, FIMI chief executive Surya Khanna said that a new online music platform could be the solution to address this problem.

The digital streaming service could enable a “major transformation” in Indian music consumption, he said.