How do you decide which songs to play at your next party?

When you’re feeling inspired to go out and party and want to know how you should put on your best dance party attire, it can be hard to decide which tunes to play on your next birthday party.

Luckily, you can have a party planner help you out.

You can find your perfect playlist on Spotify by using the Spotify Music Player, which automatically creates a playlist for each song that you want to play, based on your playlist preferences.

The Spotify Music Playlist is a great tool to help you find your next musical moment, as well as make sure you have the right playlist for your mood.

Here are 10 songs that have been trending in recent weeks.


Lady Gaga – “Lemonade” (Official Music Video) Gaga’s song “Lemme Make It Rain” has been gaining traction as a party anthem since it was released earlier this year.

This year, the singer released her second single, “Leyland,” which has also seen a resurgence in popularity.

This song is a beautiful ballad with a beautiful melody that’s perfect for the occasion.

Watch it here: Lady Gaga: “Lealine” (Video) 2.

The Chainsmokers – “All Day” (The Chainsmoker Remix) This party anthem was originally released as a remix by The Chainsms on the album The Chainsmiches & The Chains.

The song is an amazing song that has been going viral on social media in recent months.

The remix is a perfect song for your next dance party, whether you’re looking to make a little extra cash, or simply want to get your friends to dance to your party.

Watch the Chainsmoke remix here: The Chains Mokes Remix 3.

Taylor Swift – “I Feel It Coming” (TAYLOR SWIFT Remix) Swift’s song, “I feel it coming” is one of the most popular songs of 2017.

This catchy song has become a favorite among millennials for many reasons.

One of the reasons is that it’s the first song they sing to each other as a group, and it’s easy to get the group together.

The group can dance together as a whole, which is great for bonding as a family.

Watch Taylor Swift’s “I Feeling It Coming Remix” here: Taylor Swift: “I’m So Happy” (Original Mix) 4.

Lady GaGa – “Love Me Harder” (Girl GaGa Remix) Lady GaGae has been the top song on the Billboard Hot 100 chart since her first hit single hit #1 in 2015.

LadyGaGa’s song has since continued to be one of her biggest hits.

Her song, which has been certified platinum by the RIAA, has been viewed more than five billion times on YouTube and has sold more than one million copies on iTunes.

Watch her new video for “Love You Harder,” here: Girls GaeGae: “Love Your Love” (Dance Dance Revolution Remix) 5.

Ariana Grande – “Take Me to the Top” (Ariana Grande Remix) Grande’s “Take me to the top” song has been a hit on the pop charts ever since it hit the charts in 2016.

This dance song has seen a lot of popular demand and has seen huge success with a video that’s been viewed over two billion times.

Watch Grande’s remix here for “Take It to the TOP.”


Miley Cyrus – “Let Me Take You to the Dance” (Miley Cyrus Remix) Cyrus has been one of dance music’s biggest stars in recent years.

This hit song is one that everyone wants to dance around and everyone loves to dance.

Mice & Men is an incredible song to dance on and Miley’s remix of the song is the perfect way to celebrate your birthday.

Watch Cyrus’s remix below: Miley Dances With Mice 7.

Ladyhawke – “You Are My Sunshine” (Ladyhawke Remix) A classic, popular song from Ladyhawkis classic song “You’re the Sunshine” has seen its popularity rise with dance music fans.

It’s been a song that’s become one of Ladyhawkes biggest hits over the years.

LadyHawke’s remix is one the best ways to party this time of year, whether it’s for a family gathering, a date night, or a birthday party for your friends.

Watch Ladyhawkee remix here.


Zayn Malik – “The Beautiful Ones” (Zayn Malik Remix) Malik’s “The Beauty is in the Mess” has become one the most loved songs of 2016.

Malik’s remix has seen the video seen in the 2017 Grammy Awards.

Watch Zayn’s remix for “TheBeautiful Ones” below: Zayn: “Thebeautiful ones” (DJ Quik Remix) 9.

The Weeknd – “Closer” (Weeknd Remix) If you’re a Weeknd fan, then you’ll definitely want