Apple Music Replay: Apple Music’s second-ever Apple Music Premium subscription costs $30,000

Apple Music has announced a new subscription plan that costs $60 per month, and is priced at $30 a month for the first year, with the next year starting at $40 per month.

The plan is available for free, but Apple has been slow to say how many of the new subscribers will actually be able to make the payments, although a number of the plans’ promotional videos are in the works.

The Apple Music service is the brainchild of co-founder Steve Jobs, and it’s the company’s first paid subscription service.

Apple Music was initially announced back in 2014 and was designed to compete with Spotify, which is the largest streaming music service with over 40 million paying subscribers worldwide.

The service is currently available to iPhone and iPad owners in the US, but is available in more than 100 countries.

Apple has been criticized for being too slow to make Apple Music a paid service, but CEO Tim Cook has repeatedly said he wants to make it a paid subscription, and Apple has made a few payments so far, including $1 billion for Beats 1 in October 2017.

The company has also been working on its own music service called Tidal for several years.