Why are there so few new pop hits?

In January 2017, the Billboard Hot 100 chart topped all the major pop charts for the first time ever.It was a record-setting week, and the pop world’s collective breath was taken off the air.This was the beginning of a trend, and Billboard had a way to measure the buzz around new releases that year.What followed […] →Read more

What does indie music mean for you?

The indie music scene has been in a tailspin for years, with many musicians and labels struggling to keep up with demand and a lack of distribution platforms.Here’s a look at the major issues facing indie music today.1.Lack of distribution platform Quaver Music has struggled to find a way to reach its loyal fanbase.The online […] →Read more

What is youtube christmass music?

The youtube christmast music is a musical video uploaded on December 25th 2016 by YouTube.The video features a montage of various musical instruments including the flute, harp, and accordion.It is one of the most popular music videos on youtube.It has over 7 million views, and it has gained popularity worldwide.The music video was made to […] →Read more

Digital Music Library now available on Youtube!

A new music library has been added to Youtube, which you can download for free on your smartphone or tablet.The new app, dubbed the Music Library, allows you to stream your favorite music, videos and more.You can also upload your own music and audio.The Music Library can be found on the new youtube app and […] →Read more

Amazon Music Music cancels thousands of albums, but the price is right for you

The price of Amazon Music has been halved since its launch in January, but you can still stream the music that is most important to you.The Music tab in the Amazon app has been removed, replaced with a new tab for artists and bands.The new tab offers a lot of new content, including songs from […] →Read more

Why the NHL is killing its music videos

The NHL’s Music Video Department has a new leader, and it’s one who’s taking the game in a different direction.The new leader of the NHL Music Video department is a former player who, according to a memo from NHL Media VP of Communications Chris O’Reilly, was fired by the league last month for allegedly abusing […] →Read more

‘Papa John’ to open new Irish restaurant in Dublin after struggling to find buyers

“We’re doing it right now, it’s our passion, our life’s work.We’re doing a great job,” said Joe Coughlan, the founder and chief executive of Papa John’s Pizza in Dublin.The restaurant will be opened by his partner and son, and they will be the first people to work at the new establishment, which is being developed […] →Read more

Why You Should Play ‘Best of the Rest’ in the DJ Booth

It’s the weekend.It’s time for some fun music.We’re all looking forward to dancing to tunes from the best of the best, right?Well, there’s an even better way to party.In this article, we’ll take you on a guided tour of our curated DJ Booth selections. →Read more

How to Get Better Musically on Your Next Podcast Session

How to make music better in a podcast session?What are the best tools for getting it right?Today, we’re going to answer these questions with some music videos.This episode of Best of Podcasts was recorded in April 2017.Music video by Paul Daley.Follow us on Twitter at @BestofPodcasts and like us on Facebook at facebook.com/bestofpodcasts.Enjoy.This podcast is […] →Read more

Watch: ‘Godzilla’ is a classic film that’s timeless

The original Godzilla movie was released in Japan in 1954, but it was not released in America until 1977.And it’s not just because of the original Japanese language and cultural context.Godzilla was a Japanese classic.It was a beloved and beloved movie in the West.The movie is one of the most iconic movies of all time.It’s […] →Read more