What you need to know about Halloween music: Chordalism

The last of the three chords in the chordal system, the third-order, is known as the triad, but this is a very different chord from the chordic system in which the fourth, fifth, and sixth chords play.The triad is derived from the Greek word for “three”, which is derived, in turn, from the Latin triumvirate.In […] →Read more

Manchester United fans: ‘If I lose, I will lose it all’

The atmosphere at Old Trafford has been as tense as the atmosphere at Wembley this week, with the United supporters on the other side of the divide chanting their unhappiness with the club’s conduct.It is not a sentiment that is unusual in the United squad, with Louis van Gaal and Jose Mourinho having made the […] →Read more

How to play jazz music scale

A scale that represents the fundamental frequency of music and is commonly used by jazz musicians.A scale is also commonly used in classical music.The scale is based on the ratio of one tone to another, with one tone being the lowest frequency.The musical scale is a key to understanding how music is made, and how […] →Read more

Aussie rapper Spunky’s copyrights claim could cost him thousands of dollars

AUSTRALIAN rapper Spooky has filed a copyright claim against Universal Music Australia, claiming the company “intentionally” infringed his songs.Spunky told ABC radio on Tuesday that he filed the claim with the Federal Court of Australia in Brisbane, and said the matter had been referred to the Federal Circuit Court.“This is an infringement that has been […] →Read more

Live Music Spotify Music Notes images

Spotify has a new set of music notes, which are a little different than the standard music notes image you see in the app.The new notes feature comes in two types: Spotify notes, and Spotify notes that are uploaded to the service by users.Spotify notes are pretty standard in their design, with a circle around […] →Read more

How to make Christmas songs with your car stereo

What are the best Christmas car stereos for Christmas?Are they cheap?Do they have enough speakers?The answers are aplenty, and we’ve compiled a list of the best stereo for Christmas carolers in the world.For the most part, the stereo should be in excellent condition and there should be no damage to the speakers or speaker cables.If […] →Read more

Which songs are the best in music?

There’s something about the sound of a beat music track that’s so much more than a musical melody.It’s a sound that moves the listener and that changes how they feel about the music.So, what are some of the best songs to study?In the next few days, we’ll be posting new research articles about the best […] →Read more

What is Meditation Music? YouTube videos from meditation and mindfulness teachers and celebrities reveal their stories

The meditative video game series “The Last of Us” is not for the faint of heart.But that’s not what you think.The video game franchise is actually a meditation series.For example, the title of the game is The Last of Ulysses, and it is set in the fictional town of Utopia.It follows the journey of Joel, […] →Read more

How much do we really know about soul music?

By now, the answer is pretty obvious: it’s not that much.Soul music has been around for over 200 years, has its own distinctive sound, and has long been considered a subgenre of pop music.However, that’s not really the case, according to data from Nielsen Music.In fact, it seems that the term “soul” isn’t really all […] →Read more